Covid Re-opening Policies

Effective June 25th, 2020: Masks are required to be warn at Shooting Stars Gymnastics pursuant to Executive Order 20-81. Gymnasts may remove their masks during their class time. Children 5 and under are not required to wear a mask per the Order. Coaches may remove their mask when the level of exertion makes it difficult to wear a mask or causes the mask to get wet. If you have an underlying condition that makes wearing a mask difficult you are not required to wear a mask per the Order.


  • Common touching within facility will be reduced. Doors will be propped open to eliminate the need for touching them to enter and exit the building.
  • Sanitizers for hands will be provided for movement between events.
  • We will reduce the number of spectators in the viewing area for social distancing purposes.
  • Mats, blocks and other items used during a rotation will be disinfected prior to the groups rotating.
  • Lost and found items will no longer be kept. Any items left behind at the end of the night will be disposed of immediately.
  • The entire facility will be deep cleaned and sanitized each night.
  • All cleaning products are effective against COVID-19 and like viruses.


  • There will be a strict no touching policy at all times except for coaches spotting.
  • Gymnasts need to bring their own water bottle to all practices. We will no longer have the water cooler to refill water bottles. We will have a refill option available for personal water bottles only.
  • Sanitizer or hand washing will be utilized between every rotation as well as at the beginning and end of practices.
  • Training areas will be designated for each group to ensure appropriate social distancing.
  • Designated cubbies will be available for storage of personal items during classes.


  • All staff will complete a wellness check prior to their shift and will stay home if they are feeling ill.
  • Coaches will observe strict guidance on space limitations with their groups.
  • Coaches will keep spotting to a minimum.
  • Hands are to be washed or sanitized after each rotation as well as at the start and end of their shift.
  • No standing in lines: maintain sufficient drill stations and rotate gymnasts as a group.
  • Define the route for gymnasts to rotate when finished with their event.


  • We encourage parents to utilize curbside drop off and pickup if possible.
  • Please no more than 1 adult per athlete is allowed into the facility as seating is limited.