National Gymnastics Association (NGA) Program

The National Gymnastics Association is established as a non-profit organization founded to provide competitive gymnastics in a simplified format with unified rules and deductions. This program is intended to provide a consistent, positive, forward moving experience for all participants. The goal of NGA is to provide a progressive competitive developmental program for college bound gymnasts with streamlined rules and levels for gymnasts of all ages and levels - beginner to college bound. A positive gymnsatics experience for all!

During practices the athletes will train on all four Olympic events plus conditioning and flexibility. Team members are held to high standards for attitude and work ethic. Most of all, the coaching staff works to build a passion for gymnastics while enjoying a fun and rewarding team experience.

In-House Teams

We also offer In-House Teams for recreational gymnasts. In-House Teams are a great challenge for beginner level athletes who want more out of gymnastics or for more advanced athletes who would like to add a competitive aspect to their gymnastics without the full commitment of the traveling teams. Team members will work to continue to advance their skill level throughout the year and will develop routines on all four women’s events or all six men’s events with their coaches.

Team members will have quarterly competitions throughout the year to compete in low pressure gymnastics meets held right here in our Shooting Stars facility. You will be able to invite family and friends to celebrate your gymnast’s accomplishments as they show their stuff close to home. At the competitions members of the In-House Team will have their routines evaluated and will earn awards for their accomplishments.

If you are interested in learning more about our Competitive Teams, please give us a call or send us an email.